Church of God School of Ministry

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses for Church of God ministers only?
Our courses are available to anyone that would like to expand their knowledge in the field of ministry.

Will these courses make me a credentialed minister in the Church of God?
Our courses are used in the licensing process, but completing our courses alone will not make you a licensed minister in the Church of God.  Please visit for more information.

Will CIMS units transfer to other colleges or universities for credit?
At the option of Church of God institutions of higher education, CIMS credit may be converted to credit by that institution when the student meets the entrance requirements, is accepted, and enrolls.

I have logged into the learning system, but my courses are not there. Help!
If you are a School of Ministry student, please be aware that when a course access is purchased, you will be given 365 days access to that course. Should you need more time, please contact us. If you have not yet applied to the School of Ministry, please click here to begin that process. Once you have filled out the necessary paper work you will be given a link on where to purchase access to the courses.

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