Church of God School of Ministry


Summary of Expenses

Enrollment and Admission Fee:  $25 (nonrefundable)

Tuition:  $60 per CIMS credit

Study Guides:  Free PDF downloads with online enrollment

Textbooks:  $12 for 1 credit / $20 for 2 credit / $30 for 3 credit

Internet Fee:  $10 per CIMS credit

Total Cost for Online Program:  $2,814



A grant may be awarded, based on need. Likewise, the amount of the grant will be determined by the student’s financial situation. Grant request forms are included in each registration packet. Individuals desiring a grant should file the Application for a CIMS Grant with the School of Ministry. Grants are available only to credentialed ministers and persons in the credentialing process. The purpose of the formal request for a grant to the SOM is to demonstrate financial need. This need has to be confirmed by the individual’s pastor and/or district overseer and state overseer. Depending on the student’s demonstrated need, a grant may include partial tuition, full tuition or full tuition and DVDs. To retain a grant, a minimum score of 70 percent will have to be maintained in each course.

Grants will be discontinued upon withdrawal from the School of Ministry.

Refund Policy

Tuition for students enrolling in online study will be adjusted on the following scale:

  • After receiving a written request from the student, withdrawal within one month of registration 100%
  • Withdrawal within two months 50%
  • After two months 0%

The official date of termination will be the date of receipt of the letter of request from the student.

Refunds apply only to tuition. There will be no refunds for videotapes, DVDs, CDs, textbooks, or study guides.