Project Description

Church of God School of Ministry

Equipping People for Ministry

Course Description:

This course is a comparison of historical and contemporary models of discipleship, with emphasis on the pastoral role of mentoring and helping to develop lay people for ministry.

Course Objectives:

After students complete this course, they should be able to…

  1. Give a comparison of historical and contemporary models of discipleship.
  2. Describe the concept and benefits of mentoring.
  3. Discuss how Jesus mentored his disciples for future ministry.
  4. Identify the laws of mentoring.
  5. Develop and mentor the laity to do the ministry of the church.

Meet the instructors:

Dr. Tim Hill
Presiding Overseer Church of God

Dr. Grant McClung
President and CEO
Missions Resource Group

Dr. Dennis McGuire
Church of God


Dr. Loran Livingston
Church of God

Video Lessons Table of Contents:

  1. Meaning of Discipleship
  2. Motivation of Discipleship
  3. Multiplication of Disciples
  4. The Concept of Mentoring
  5. The Mentoring Process
  6. Laws of Mentoring: Part 1
  7. Laws of Mentoring: Part 2
  8. Establishing Disciples:  A Model for the Local Church
  9. Establishing Disciples:  Disciple Making and the Contemporary Church
  10. Establishing Disciples: Making It Work in the Local Church
  11. The Call
  12. Preaching
  13. Administration
  14. Ministry of Giving
  • CIMS Credit: 1
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Effort: 3-4 hours per week
  • Subject: Pastoral
  • Venues: DVD, Internet, Distance Learning
  • Language: English

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