Project Description

Church of God School of Ministry

Ministering to Culturally Diverse Populations

Course Description:

This course is a study of ministry to diverse populations with emphasis on urban ministry settings, as well as the responsibility of the church to embrace diversity and reach out to all people.

Course Objectives:

After students complete this course, they should be able to…

  1. Discuss the theological basis for multicultural ministry.
  2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of multicultural ministry.
  3. Discuss the importance of multicultural ministry in today’s society.
  4. Identify the role of the church in multicultural ministry.
  5. Embrace other cultures into their own churches or plant a cross-cultural church.

Meet the instructors:

Dr. Dwight Allen
Church of God

Dr. Esdras Betancourt
Church of God

Dr. T. L. Lowery
National Church of God

Dr. Wallace Sibley
Retired member of International Executive Committee

Dr. Donnie W. Smith
Church of God
Ministerial Care

Dr. Wayne Solomon
Pentecostal Theological Seminary

Dr. Paul Walker
Pastor Emeritus
Mount Paran Church of God

Video Lessons Table of Contents

  1. Historical and Biblical Benchmarks of Multicultural Ministry
  2. Mountain West Model
  3. The Missionary Call to Multicultural Ministry
  4. Strengths and Weaknesses of Multicultural Ministry
  5. The Importance of Multicultural Evangelism: Part 1
  6. The Importance of Multicultural Evangelism: Part 2
  7. The Importance of Multicultural Evangelism: Part 3
  8. Reaching the Cross-Cultural Harvest
  9. Developing the Cross-Cultural Church
  10. The Power of Race, Ethnicity and Culture
  11. Multicultural Church Development
  12. Planting Cross-Cultural Churches: Part 1
  13. Planting Cross-Cultural Churches: Part 2
  14. Panel Discussion
  • CIMS Credit: 1
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Effort: 3-4 hours per week
  • Subject: Pastoral
  • Venues: DVD, Internet, Distance Learning
  • Language: English

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